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Kola Land is a young, modern and dynamic company dealing in harvesting of northern wild-growing and garden berries. Our range of products includes cloudberry, blackberry, cowberry, cranberry, crowberry, black currant, red currant, buckthorn, raspberry and cherry.

Since 2008 our company has gradually branched out and already taken its place among primary packers with an average turnover of 300-400 tons per season. Nowadays Kola Land has a reliable client base in Murmansk Region, Arkhangelsk Region, Pskov Region, Vologda Region and other regions of Russia. 

We know that our clients appreciate the quality of products supplied by Kola Land, as quality and ecological properties of our goods are the main priorities of our company. 

Each season hundreds of professional pickers collect berries in the most environmentally safe areas of North-West Russia.  Careful and selective approach to the harvesting process enables us to offer to our clients the products meeting requirements of the best restaurants and the largest retail networks of North-West Russia.

We are also responsible for careful storage of the harvest, for this purpose our storehouses are equipped with modern refrigerating systems which preserve all useful properties and flavor of berries for a long time.  Storehouses and refrigerators meet the requirements of the present-day European technologies, are in the property of our company and are used only by us for storage of berries. Next year we are planning to start-up electronic cleaning lines, as well as juice, fruit-drink and sorbet production lines. Undoubtedly, this will make our products still more tempting.  

Today we are inviting offer you to purchase any item from our product range. We are absolutely sure that having tested our product quality and our business approach, you and your customers will become our regular clients!