Blueberry is a unique combination of taste and beneficial properties, which is not so often, is it? In any condition, fresh or dried, these berries contain great amount of vitamins and minor nutrient elements necessary for health in the present-day pace of life. Blueberry has been called “rejuvenating berry” since ancient times. The beneficial properties of blueberry have been acknowledged both by scientists and folk medicine. The most important thing is that blueberries should be collected in environmentally safe areas.  Why are blueberries so good for health? 

The main beneficial property of this berry is content of antioxidants. They have an effect on malignant tumors at the cellular level preventing formation of them, i.e. they are a good prophylactic drug. blueberry antioxidants are called anthocyanins which are very effective for cancer prevention. Apart from blueberries these antioxidants are contained in other vegetables and fruit: apples, black grapes, red cabbages, but the “rejuvenating berry” takes the lead in the amount. 

blueberry contains many elements: carbonhydrates, potassium, magnesium and phosphorus. Organic acids, iron, copper and others minerals should not be disregarded. Pantothenic acid, improving metabolism, is contained in blueberries, as well as vitamins: А, С, В1, B6, РР.

Besides, blueberries are rich in pectins which relax the bowels and remove roughage and metal salts.