Cloudberry is a northern berry growing mainly in the Arctic region; it is not only tasty, but very good for health. For the people of tundra in the polar region these amber sour-sweet berries are the main source of vitamins, minerals and other substances vital for health. Folk healers set a high value on cloudberry and use for therapy not only the berries but also the leaves of cloudberry scrub.  

Cloudberry is good for health thanks to its biochemical composition.  These berries contain great amount of useful substances, such as cellulose, vitamins C, PP, A, Е, and vitamins of B group. Cloudberries contain more ascorbic acid  than oranges and several times more carotene than carrots.  Besides, these berries contain minerals (phosphorus, potassium, iron and cobalt), organic acids (citric, aceric, salicylic), sugars, pectins, tannins, unsaturated fatty acids, water and leach.

Thanks to vitamin E these berries help restore blood circulation, facilitate condition in case of skin burns, speed up angiogenesis and recover vision. Natives of the North use cloudberry for treatment of scurvy and vitamin deficiency.

Useful properties of cloudberry help adjust blood coagulability, heal diarrhea and excrete excess fluid from organism (eliminate quellung). Potassium contained in these berries is indispensible in case of cardiovascular diseases. Cloudberry also helps to fight cold, as it is a strong sudatory, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory agent. Juices and fruit-drinks made from these berries allay thirst and recuperate during a disease.